Church Directory On Your Website

Would you like your members to be able to access the church directory, including photos, from your website?

It is easy to do following these steps:

  • Create the photo directory in your RDS system using the Photo Directory program, MR308. Make the selections for the information you want to be included.
  • Print the directory PDF file in a folder on your website. Use your PDF generator to do this.
  • Place the directory on a page on your website, and create a link to it on your home page.
  • Require a password to access that folder and give that password to your members.
  • Update the directory as often as you wish.

When members go to the directory they can search for a name (or other information) using the Windows key sequence of CTRL F, then enter the name, or they can scroll to the name.

Members can send an e-mail to another person in the directory if an e-mail address is listed by placing the cursor on the e-mail address and click with the mouse. (Note: some browsers may not support this.) If a user’s e-mail program does not support this feature they can use “copy and paste” into their e-mail program.

While some other church systems charge for this feature, you can do this with RDS Advantage and RDS Connect without cost.

Your RDS Support Team