Church Growth

church congregationMaximize outreach, evangelism, and shepherding programs using the outreach features in RDS Advantage church management software. Some of the benefits are connecting new families with others in the church and integrate them into programs, maintaining timely and relevant communication for outreach and closing the back door by identifying and contacting individuals who are disappearing

Some growth features are:

  • Track data about every contact with any individual or family who visits the church or who is already involved, including
    • date of contact
    • next date of contact
    • individual and/or team making contact
    • type (ex. phone call, letter, visit, email, etc.) and/or purpose (ex. hospital visit, outreach, etc.)
    • source of contact (ex. attended worship, visited youth group, outreach event, etc.)
    • comments
  • View or print a report of all data entered in the software for an individual or family to develop a comprehensive picture of their relationship with the church
  • One-click access to a map and driving directions
  • Purge contact information for previous years
  • Utilize all features of the RDS Advantage software, including tracking involvement, attendance, giving, pledging, etc. of your visitors in order to customize your outreach to each family.