Fast Checks

New application for fast check processing

  • Streamlined entry with fewer input requirements.
  • Expenses are not recorded until the check is written and posted.
  • No need to select invoices for payment because checks are written and posted directly from the entry. Only one posting is required.
  • No knowledge of Transaction Codes is required.
  • The Expense and the payment of the expense will always be in the same entry so there is never an opportunity for Fast Check entries to cause the Accounts Payable account to be out of balance.

    Differences in Fast Check compared to the RDS Accounts Payable system:

  • The Fast Check system does not support Direct Deposit payments.
  • Allocations to General Ledger account numbers are limited to 15 accounts. If more than 15 account numbers are needed for a payment, a separate check will be written.
  • A separate batch is needed to record payments from different Banks.
  • Only two comment lines are available per check instead of a comment line for each General Ledger account.
  • All checks in a batch must be paid at the same time. If you don’t want to pay a particular invoice, delete it from the batch.