Insta Check-In

instaCheckin2Automate the way you manage and track classes, meetings and events! A whole new way to automatically check-in and check-out, track attendance, print name tags, parent receipts, store photos, manage staffing for classes, and more!

RDS Advantage Insta Check-In automates the check-in process for people attending Sunday school, worship and other events.

Keep Children Safe

Your church daycare or nursery can determine the parent/guardian access for each child and print their photos on child check-in and check-out sheets. The check-in and check-out sheets can also print the photos and names of those authorized to pick up children to insure maximum child safety and easy tracking.

Each check-in station can be customized for each activity so individuals and families can check in by phone number, name, bar-code card scanner or finger-vein reader! Child check-in ensures their safety and attendance. RDS software has an express check in option so tracking a child’s location will only take seconds.

Easy Recording and Easy Reporting

Insta Check-In can be used with touch screen monitors or with keyboard and mouse configurations so no matter how your church’s computer network operates RDS will be easy to use.

Photo and guest information can be recorded and automatically updated to your database. Generate station reports of check-in & out activity.

Other Insta- Check-In Features :

  • Check-in stations can record attendance for each individual or family, and for one or more activities.
  • Record Advisories about health issues and inform staffers.
  • Health advisories can be printed on attendance sheets and nametags in code, abbreviation or description.
  • Check-Out sheets can include summary text about the class and/or individuals (or both).
  • Print lists of guests and move selected guests into database without manual entry.
  • Use pagers for parent notification (or for ushers, custodians, etc.). Pager numbers are automatically printed on nametags and attendance sheets.
  • Determine ratio of students to leaders. Check-in will warn if too many students enroll.
  • Unlimited check-in stations are supported.
  • Print nametags, parent receipts for children, labels for additional items (ex. diaper bags, bottles) with options for including photo, logo, and/or group name.
  • Assign unique parent notification number for paging the parent.
  • Customize each group with options such as Express Check-in, limit class size and leader/attender ratio, record attendance, take identification photos.
  • Customize options at each check-in station such as ability to override most of a group’s custom options, customize check-in window appearance and window logo.
  • Check-in by name, phone number, or a magnetic barcode id on a keytag or business card size check-in card.
  • Capture contact information about visitors.
  • Print check-in & out report for each individual.
  • Create barcoded cards.
  • Verify visitors’ contact information and transfer into the RDS Advantage church records for immediate use.
  • Insta Check-In is an included part of the relational database. No additional software is needed.