Not Just Another App

The goal in designing the Unite App was not to just have another church app. The goal was to provide churches with a tool that accomplishes these initial features:

  • Help members, pastors and staff become better acquainted
  • Make it easy to visit and communicate with each other
  • Enable convenient ways to tithe and make gifts
  • Enable members to update their personal information, relieving the staff of this work

To make this as efficient as possible the connection between the Unite App and the church database is made in real time. A change in the App updates the database.

  • Encourage members to import their family or personal photo. This helps members identify
    photos with names.
  • Inform members about the benefits to the church by using electronic payments, which are integrated with the church accounting. E-checks for recurring and one-time gifts are almost cost-free for the church.

Additional features and capabilities will be added to the App, such as activity and event enrollment
(with payments), connection to the church calendar(s), leadership management, and volunteering.