Vacation and Sick Leave Applications

The RDS Vacation and Sick Leave applications have been re-written to provide new options and capabilities.

  • Options in PR199 about how you want to use the Vacation and Sick Leave policies
  • New options in PR125 for Vacation and Sick Leave policies
  • Report PR308 allows users to print Vacation or Sick Leave from payroll history
  • Hours at the bottom of PR100 for each employee displays the current hours and policies
  • New program PR107 modifies any payroll history records with the current correct information

There are six option windows now included within the PR199 Maintenance program.

  • General options
  • Employee options
  • Entry and Post
  • Checks and Direct Deposit Receipts
  • W-2 and 1099
  • ADP

These new applications greatly improve and augment the capabilities for payroll and vacation and sick leave tracking.