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    Keep Children Safe

    Child check-in ensures their safety and attendance. RDS software has an express check in option so tracking a child's location will only take seconds.

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    Church Growth

    Maximize outreach, evangelism, and shepherding programs using the outreach features in RDS Advantage church management software.

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Use RDS to Manage Membership

Member Records

Click here to learn more about member records.


Premiere Church Management Software

RDS is proud to announce RDS Unite

Click here to learn more about RDS Unite.


RDS believes anything that can be done to strengthen the ministries of local churches and not-for-profit organizations is of great value. We dedicate ourselves to that task, grounded in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20.

Our people have developed what has become one of the premier management systems.

RDS serves some of the largest churches in the United States and churches of all sizes. We invite you to talk to those we serve to find their experiences with the support we provide and the quality and comprehensiveness of the systems.

The RDS staff is made up of people who believe strongly in our mission to serve you. The RDS staff includes experienced data processing programming professionals, certified public accountants, system designers, and people experienced in the life and work of the church.

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  • RDS Advantage¬© church software applications are installed on your server, and accessed by workstations, laptops, tablets and/or cell phones.
  • Remote access can be used with Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or third party remote applications.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Download updates from the RDS website.
  • Toll-free support is provided with an annual agreement.
  • Full accounting and finance features.


  • RDS Connect¬© is hosted on Tier III data centers using Cloud technology.
  • SaSS – this is Software as a Secure Service.
  • All RDS Advantage applications and accounting are included.
  • Data security, backup, updates, software and hardware administration are included.
  • Use 32 and 64 bit Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.
  • Toll-free support is included.
  • Secure full functioning cloud-hosted church management software