Church Membership

churchMembershipYou’ve got the details at your fingertips to store, manage, communicate and print information.The database keeps records for up to 9,999,999 families and/or organizations. Detailed information about every individual, including unlimited numbers of children (up to 99), can tracked. Adults other than children living in a
residence can be tracked within the family unit.

Record information for visitors just like members. Provides unlimited capability in maintaining visitor records, new member prospect files, and visitation programs. Print directories with information selected by many criteria. Print
photo directories.

Activity check-in, Library, Scheduler, Web Calendar, Music and Sermon databases, Inventory and Maintenance tables, VoIP phone messaging, and more, are included at no additional cost. Reports can be quickly generated from selections within the software. Unlimited report selections can be named and saved for each type of report for future use. You can print to a file, or export data in any popular file format.

Generate a tracking sheet, including up to 5 user-defined categories to be tracked in addition to attendance, for each church group, with optional bar codes for faster data entry.

Membership Software Features:

  • Enter attendance data with one keystroke
  • Automate tracking using hand-held scanners or Insta Check-in.
  • Track attendance for any church event or activity (worship, fellowship dinner) for which there is no pre-determined list of attenders.
  • View, report, and export tracking information for all groups for an individual or for all individuals in a group.
  • Combine multiple church groups for data analysis.
  • Purge attendance information for previous years or compress it into a summary form.