Cloud Printer Process

Cloud printer change

After our recent outage with our RDS Connect (Cloud) clients, some users were not able to print to their regular printers. If you called for support, we may have had you download a program called TS Print. This program installed a “virtual printer” in your list of printers, and when you chose to print to that printer, RDS would print to your default printer.

This solution has worked for most clients. However, a few users have commented that their forms (such as checks) and reports have been printing in italics. Also, the font now seems to be too large, causing check printing to run off the right edge of the page.

We now have what we believe will be a solution for these issues. If you do not have the program installed already, go to Terminal Works and download “Client Download” in orange. The program is free to you and communicates between the cloud and your computer, passing the data to your local computer. This program will correct the issue with reports and forms printing in italics. All you need to do is select TSPrint EMF from the list of printers.

If you are still having a problem with printing running off the right edge of the page when printing forms, you may need to do a little “tweaking” of your form in printer maintenance.

  • From your dashboard select Printer Options.
  • Select a printer for maintenance. This will be the TSPrint EMF printer.
  • Choose Change mode.
  • Select the form number and catalog number. Most commonly used are form 65 catalog 1 for Payroll Stub-Check-Stub checks, or form 66 catalog 1 for Accounts Payable Stub Check Stub checks. If you use Check-Stub-Stub checks, the form numbers are the same, but you will choose catalog 3.
  • Look at the point size of font and decrease it by one point. For example, if it is 12, decrease it to 11.
  • Click OK to save the record.

Please call RDS support for help with any of this.


To resolve the printing in italics issue, select TSPrint EMF from the list of printers. From there you will be presented with a list of printers on your local computer. If your print job is outside of the margins then lower your font size in printer maintenance until it matches up correctly with your paper.

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How to Delete Printers

We get questions from time to time about the printers that appear in your list of possible printers with many not current or not their printer. Many of these are printers that are on your system, if you click ‘start’ type ‘printer’, select ‘devices and printers’ it will display a list of printers your computer has installed. You can typically right click on a printer and select ‘Remove Device’ and it will take it out of your list. Please exercise caution. If you have a computer person on staff they may have installed printers for a particular reason so make sure before you do this. If you use another operating system you can typically go to a search engine and type in phrases such as “How do I remove a printer in MacOSX” et cetera. If you continue to have printers in your list that do not belong to you please send Mickey the printer name in an email and he will work to remove them.

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